Happy Hips

Date TBC!

Walthamstow Forest Community Hub, Orford Road


Sitting down all day and regular involvement in sporting activities, such as running and cycling, have made tight hips part of our everyday life. Tight hips, if left neglected, can lead to lower back pain, tight hamstrings and potential knee issues. By giving your hips some TLC you will have happy, healthy hips, for a happy, healthy body!

In this 2 hour workshop, we will look deeper into the hips and deconstruct some yoga postures, using simple physiology and bio mechanics, to help you understand the inner workings of your hips. We’ll look at the role they play in our daily lives, and how simple adjustments and movements can help prevent them becoming weak and tight.

You’ll learn techniques to open your hips, to strengthen them and allow them to function correctly and safely. The learnings from this workshop are not just for on your mat, you can take them away into your everyday life, ensuring you are avoiding unnecessary risk of pain or injury, and making your hips happy.

If you’ve ever suffered from achy hips, lower back pain or simply want to learn more about how to get Happy Hips, sign up now!

Suitable for all levels.
Mats provided.


If you are interested in this Happy Hips workshop, please fill out the form below and I will keep you posted on the date:

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