Zoe Rowe Yoga

Join me for regular live and on demand yoga classes, plus workshops, drills and exercises to help you along your yoga journey.

Weekly schedule

Tuesday 6:15pm – Vinyasa 60min

Wednesday 7:30am – Rise & Flow 60min
(Book via Yonder)

Friday 6pm – Mandala Flow 60min
(Book via Yonder)

Sunday 10:30am – Mobility Flow 60min

About me

I discovered yoga over 12 years ago in a hot yoga studio in Sydney. Initially addicted to the sweat, I soon discovered the additional benefits of the practice. I’m passionate about sharing the tools yoga brings to be present in the moment, see the beauty in what’s around us and find joy in the smallest things.

I love teaching a playful but challenging class, whether that’s through dynamic vinyasa, a mindful flow, or finding stillness in Yin. Passionate about counteracting the impact of London’s busy, sedentary lifestyle on our body and minds, I aim to incorporate functional movement into my classes.

My main styles of yoga I practice and teaches include dynamic Mandala Vinyasa and Rocket classes, functional movement and mindful focussed flows, and finding stillness in Yin and Yoga Nidra classes.

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