Building Balance

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Walthamstow Forest Community Hub, Orford Road


Do you struggle to stand on one leg? Do you find yourself wobbling about and dread those balancing postures? Then this workshop is for you!

Yoga requires a combination of strength and flexibility, and balancing postures that require you to balance on one leg aim to develop both of these. But for many of us, balancing on one leg is challenging. We wobble around, arms flailing, hoping that we don’t fall over and cause a domino effect!. Plus, you may even may find your joints ache under the strain.

In this 2 hour workshop we will deconstruct some yoga postures using simple physiology and bio mechanics to help you understand the inner workings of your body, especially your legs, so it makes sense to how you move and balance.

(Spoiler alert!) Balance isn’t just about your legs and feet. We will explore the importance of correctly engaging your abdominals and pelvic floor, to experience the difference it makes to your balance and stability. We will also be looking at your posture and how that can influence your balance. Your posture isn’t just about standing up straight or sitting tall. Your posture is your body’s ability to hold itself in functional alignment, so you are able to balance and move with ease.

Suitable for all levels, from complete beginner to advanced practitioner.