Weekly schedule

Sign-up for the classes you want to join using the links below.

Wednesday and Friday classes are bookable through Yonder studio.

My Tuesday and Sunday non-studio classes are pay what you can afford. More than ever we need yoga and a space to get to together feel a sense of community. If you are struggling at the moment just send me a message, you are still more than welcome to join.

Can’t make these days or times? Fear not, you can get them on demand to do at your leisure! Classes get updated weekly to keep your practice fresh!


6:15pm VINYASA
60 min
The aim of these classes is to be creative, fluid, and focus on breath and movement to bring balance to body and mind. We will move around the mat using dynamic movement centred around mobility and balance, with a focus on different parts of the body aligned with the elements and associated chakras. 


7:30am RISE & FLOW
60 min
This is a great way to start the day! Classes are designed to wake you up gently by easing you into the practice before moving more dynamically. Sequences are focussed on breath, movement and mobility for cultivating a healthy mind and body.


60 min
These sequences are designed to move 360 degrees around the mat. Based on the 4 basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air, each day is related with a specific area of the body. Breathe, movement and fun are key to these playful and dynamic classes!

My classes by donation: paypal.me/ZoeRoweYoga
or monzo.me/zoerowe

After booking you’ll receive an email with the link to the Zoom meeting.
You can download Zoom here https://zoom.us/download